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Because Better Practice
Leads to Better Results

Designed for Every Golfer

It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or a seasoned professional, FlagD gives golfers of all ages and ability the opportunity to truly gauge the yardage accuracy of every club in the bag. "Because better practice leads to better results."

FlagD (flagged)

Verb: Term used in golf to determine the distance from where the golfer is hitting to the intended target.

Example: John FlagD the distance on the Par 3, 16th hole at 176 yds from the Blue Tees to the front left pin location.

The idea for FlagD came from an “aha” moment on the range one day hitting range balls and trying to figure out the distance to each of the pins. This range in particular was better than most, and had a Range Finder attached to the bag stand for your clubs. The problem was it was cumbersome to use and required “shooting” the distance every time a player wanted to hit to a different target, and the accuracy was dependent on how well the golfer knew how to use the Range Finder.

As I thought about it more, and started to pay closer attention to how clubs set up their ranges and more importantly how they measured the distances, I found an alarming degree of inaccuracies, and different methods for gauging how far it was from the actual spot I was hitting, to the pin I was targeting. Some clubs had plaques in the ground, or signs with numbers they change each day, some had Range Finders or numbers on the flags, and some even had no distances at all!

As a golfer my entire life and always looking for ways to improve my game, I thought to myself there has to be a better way. The phrase “better practice leads to better results” popped into my head and we set out to create a SIMPLE, ACCURATE, AND DURABLE device that would make it easy for a golfer of any age or ability to accurately gauge their distance from THE ACTUAL SPOT they are hitting from on the range to their targets.


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