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Range Servant has been the world leader in Driving Range Equipment for over 30 years. Since delivering our first Golf Ball Dispenser we have worked tirelessly to provide a full range of ball management equipment that suits the needs of any Driving Range. We understand that every range is set up a little different from the next, but in the end, all have the same needs. Every Driving Range needs to pick the range, wash range balls, and get them back to the customers to be hit again. We call this golf ball management.

All Range Servant Equipment is made from high grade galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our Equipment is designed to be simple and strong, and to grow with your driving range. You can add a bigger load hopper to your range ball washer, add a gang to your range ball picker, or add capacity or vending electronics to your dispenser.

Range Servant has spent decades listening to the needs of the modern Golf Driving Range owner. We understand what makes a Golf Driving Range efficient. Please visit our products page or order a free catalog for a full range of products. We are confident that our Driving Range Equipment will outperform any range equipment that you have had in the past.

Driving Range Accessories

Golf Driving Range Accessories and Supplies - Range Servant manufactures and distributes a full range of high quality supplies for golf driving ranges and golf courses.

Golf Range Mats and Rubber Ball Trays - We are a proud distributor of the finest range mats available today. Click here to find out more information on our quality range mats.

Range Ball Baskets and Crates - Range Servant stocks a variety of ball baskets and utility crates for your golf driving range. Whether for use in the pro shop, at the golf ball dispenser, or for golf ball washing and storage, Range Servant has a basket suit to your needs.

Range Balls - We carry a full selection of balls for the golf range. We offer Wilson premium range balls for all ranges, and limited flight and floater balls for driving ranges with limited space and aqua ranges.

Pyramid Stackers, Bag Shags, and Range Bags - Keep your driving range organized!

Tee-Line Supplies - Click here for Tee Dividers, Bag Stands, Club Washers and more.

Landing Area - Give your customers something to aim for! Click here for Range Flags, Golf Cups, & Flag Sticks, Range Targets, Yardage Markers and more.

Golf Course and Driving Range Signs - Check out our selection of course signs, Range easels, and Markers for ideas on how to show off your driving range.

Golf Course and Driving Range Furniture - Range Servant offers a wide range of Recycled Plastic Furniture, Bag Stands, Coolers, and Club Washers. Please click or call for a full catalog.




Golf Driving Range Equipment

Golf Driving Range Equipment - We are the world leader in this industry, visit our product page to see why.

Golf Ball Dispensers - Range Servant has 19 different golf ball dispensers to choose from. We are the top selling manufacturer of golf ball dispensers in the world.

Golf Ball Washers - Cleaning your range balls without harsh solvents and cleaners is a great way to extend the life of your golf balls. We have a wide range of golf ball washers to suit your golf range needs.

Golf Ball Pickers - Our range ball pickers are the toughest around. See why our Range Ball Pickers carry a two year warranty on our multiflex picker discs.

Golf Ball Elevators- Golf ball elevators save time, money, and your back! We have standard length elevators and customize to suit your golf ball handling needs.

Golf Ball Soakers - Range Servant golf ball soakers work in tandem with our golf ball washers to get your driving range through the mud season.

Automatic Tee Up Systems - Range Balls will be hit faster and more frequently with a Range Servant Auto Tee driving up your profits.


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