Demand for lawn and garden products is closely linked to consumer spending. Golf courses represent a major source of demand for turf products – the more rounds of golf played, the greater the scope for investment by golf course superintendents. Demand for flowers reflects how much consumers are prepared to invest in their gardens, as well as how much risk retailers are willing to undertake in terms of inventory. Here, efficient logistics are vital to minimize waste and ensure quality.

Solutions for growers and their customers

Syngenta combines its genetics, controls and growing media to provide a comprehensive and integrated offer to professional ornamental growers. This ensures healthy plant growth and, together with best-in-class logistics, aligns plant flowering time with display by retailers. Only through this level of service can demand at peak periods be met – for example, with 140 million poinsettias delivered in time for Christmas.

Consumers want variety and convenience. Over the past few years, Syngenta has significantly expanded its range of flowers through several acquisitions. At the same time, we have gained leading positions in key crops such as pansy and pelargonium, giving us an unrivaled ability to refresh and adapt the range using our large germplasm base. This allows us to meet consumer demand for plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

We are also meeting consumer needs with the expansion of our chemical controls business at the retail level. We have achieved this through the establishment of partnerships with leading branded manufacturers to supply major garden centers and home improvement outlets.

Road approach to turf market

In the golf market, high quality playability and aesthetics are key priorities. Purchasing decisions are still influenced by cost, but the industry is increasingly moving beyond pest control to solutions that take environmental issues into account – including water usage and biodiversity. A collaborative effort by Syngenta and Marriott Golf has resulted in a new tool for golf course superintendents in the ongoing effort to promote sustainability, foster environmental stewardship and reduce the carbon footprint of golf course operations.


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