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The THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System has been manufactured in South Florida since 1976. Over the ensuing years, representing tens of millions of hours of accurate and safe operations, THOR GUARD has consistently proven its reliability. THOR GUARD uses a highly sophisticated sensor and computer to measure and analyze the electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Lightning originates within this field, thus allowing THOR GUARD to make calculations predicting its occurrence, even though there may be no visible evidence of lightning. Lightning "detection" systems require the occurrence of an actual lightning strike before a warning is given. Many times this is just too late. Many airlines, explosive companies, government agencies, and other industrial users are utilizing THOR GUARD for this very reason. 

Customers relying on Thor Guard’s unique and un-paralleled  technology are the United States Golf Association, TPC Network, Marriott Golf, Hampton Golf Management, NASA, Department of Defense, every branch  of our military,  nearly every airline,  colleges, schools and school districts, mines and oil and gas facilities world-wide and golf facilities everywhere. 

Thor Guard is a true lightning prediction system which monitors the only field in the atmosphere where lightning is created.  All lightning detection systems, every one, needs an actual lightning strike to occur before any warning can be given.  Through lightning tracking over time, our competitors claim to predict lightning.  This is not prediction but a guess forecast.  For instance, one company claims that intra-cloud always precedes cloud to ground lightning and that their ability to detect cloud to cloud discharges  provides them the tools to predict cloud to cloud strikes.  Nice theory but un-proven, even the proclivity of false alerts with this manufacturer’s products proves the case that they are guessing.  This is a reason why the claims of predicting first, side strikes or the deadly bolt out of the blue by detection systems is pure false advertising.  Science is not on their side. 

Contrary to our competitor’s promises, marketing, aggressive email and phone call campaigns, there is only one company that actually predicts lightning and saying otherwise, is a slap in the face of all the customers who have utilized Thor Guard systems since 1976.  Thor Guard is the company who has predicted lightning, first strikes, side strikes and  quite a few bolt out of the blue strikes.  No marketing here, we have press reports and customer correspondences supporting the very reason we have been around three to four times longer than any of our competition.” 

Thor Guard has always represented the leading edge, or state of the art in lightning prediction and warning systems since day one  of operations nearly forty years ago. During this time, we improved the field mill sensor technology, developed our hyperstatic sensor, evolved to digital technology, pioneered the use of solar panels and strobe light use with the audible horn system.  The hyperstatic assembly (sensor) was a significant improvement over the field mill in both speed of atmospheric analysis and fewer maintenance requirements, however the sensor still needs periodic cleaning.

Five years after the initial design, development and testing, Thor Guard now releases the revolutionary DASA, maintenance-free sensor.  This new, breakthrough design eliminates the effects of hard rain, dirt accumulation, wasps, birds and the other nasty things that interfered with Thor Guard prediction capabilities.  Compact and lightweight, the new sensor is more sensitive during every part of a storm and never needs cleaning.  It is also less visible on your roof!  For those of you in salty environments, there are no corrosive parts which can degrade over years of outdoor exposure.  This design will ensure a very long life for one of the major components  of our system.


Thor Guard has more than 7,000 Voice of Thor horn systems throughout the world. A major challenge has always been severe corrosion from a wide variety of atmospheric contaminants which shortens the horn cluster’s life span. Thor Guard actually prefers that our components last without issues for many years.  Regardless of whether the systems are by the sea, in a mine or covered by snow for half the  year, and even though in most areas our previous designs are lasting ten or more years, we wanted to do better for our customers.  This is a benefit of choosing Thor Guard because our nearly forty years in the business provides us with the experience to address issues our competition hasn’t thought about.

Our new horn cluster assembly is made of corrosion resistant plastic, UV resistant and engineered with replaceable parts which can be changed by the customer.  If a compressor goes out or a horn trumpet dies, you can change just the parts you need without  purchasing the entire assembly.  Available in light gray (pictured) or dark green for nearly invisible installations on the course, Thor Guard has your lightning warning solution.”

Through Thor Guard’s PCX software, everyone in your community and players, employees and other authorized individuals, can have free access to your live  Thor Guard data and radar images on smart phones and personal  computers. This simple to understand and access anywhere has been an overwhelming success with airports, park districts, schools and golf facilities.  As long as the server computer is on and the internet operational, the data is available full time.  The picture to the left shows an example of a red alert condition and the live radar imagery creating the weather alert. 

A word about the internet service which we all know is not always in service.  Thor Guard systems do not operate with any reliance on the internet and are, as such, not effected by internet disruptions.  Even if power is lost, the battery back-up  will keep the lightning prediction capabilities alive and well.  There are also no ongoing fees that would cause the Thor Guard system to stop doing its life-saving work.  Our software fees are for the customer facility and charged only for the time the facility continues to provide this service.  After two years in service, Thor Guard’s renewal rate is over 90%.  Any detection system relying on the internet to provide detection data can only provide warnings IF the internet is fully operational.  Also, there will always be an annual fee that if you decide to drop the fee, you lose your detection system.  We all have experienced the internet going down during storm activity and at the most inconvenient times. Thor Guard thinks this is a bad method for lightning warning and too great a risk for a life and death warning device.  What do you think?

Do you incorporate Visage with your Club Car products?  If so, with our Thor PCX software, your Thor Guard system can Automatically send this attention-getting message to each cart running on your property.  Essentially, this is a redundant message along with our horn signal to get your players attention. Visage technology archives the data for every message sent to the carts for future access if ever required, and also the archived responses that are required once a dangerous weather message is sent.  Thor Guard’s relationship with companies like GPSI/Visage and Club Car is a strong example of how we work with the golf industry’s   elite companies in making golf a more weather-safe experience


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