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Whatever your turf maintenance needs—from snow mold control to green and fairway renovation— AMVAC® has the answers. We’re rolling out more new products and programs than ever before, on top of our long-proven product portfolio and customer care.

AMVAC is a lean, focused company composed of some of the most talented, ambitious professionals in the industry who are committed to assisting golf course owners in operating the most successful facilities possible. We do that by providing efficient and effective solutions that allow today’s owners to focus on the business of the course.

Disease Management

PREMION™ fungicide , formerly called OREON™, delivers a unique answer to anthracnose: PCNB. Combining it with tebuconazole gives you the foundation for an effective rotation program. PREMION is also an effective, water-based solution to dollar spot and brown patch. A pre-mix formulation, PREMION is the only fungicide that uses both PCNB and tebuconazole, making it an important resistance management tool. PREMION is one of the few single products that can effectively combat dollar spot, brown patch and anthracnose.

New from AMVAC, OXIMUS™ fungicide combines active ingredients tebuconazole and azoxystrobin to deliver broad-spectrum, cost-effective control against dollar spot, brown patch, Pythium blight and other listed diseases. A preventive fungicide with systemic properties, new OXIMUS fungicide joins the AMVAC portfolio of fungicides as an effective foundation for your rotation programs.

AUTILUS® flowable turf fungicide can be used to control anthracnose on putting greens, tees and fairways. Anthracnose is particularly destructive to high-maintenance golf course turf, developing as foliar blight or basal rot. Over the years, the disease has developed resistance to a number of important fungicide classes. AUTILUS, a Group 14 fungicide, has contact activity and provides a multi-site mode of action and a resistance management tool for anthracnose management programs. AUTILUS provides excellent control of anthracnose on putting green turf consisting of annual bluegrass and/or creeping bentgrass by forming a protective zone on turfgrass leaves, thus protecting them from disease infection.

TURFCIDE® is the fungicide you can trust to control snow mold and other labeled diseases on golf courses. Pound for pound, ounce for ounce, this proven performer offers an exceptional value for your golf course disease management program. TURFCIDE, available in both liquid ( TURFCIDE® 400 ) and Granular ( TURFCIDE® 10G ) formulation, is a contact fungicide to which no resistance has developed after nearly 50 years of use – so it should be an integral part of your snow mold control program year in and year out. Used alone, TURFCIDE provides unsurpassed cost-effectiveness. Used in tank mixtures, TURFCIDE makes good products better and better products best. TURFCIDE should be the foundation of your snow mold control program this year and every year.

PREVIA® is used in preventive applications to provide effective control of listed turfgrass diseases. A broad-spectrum contact fungicide, PREVIA is armed with chlorothalonil, a standard for broad-spectrum disease control.

Weed Management

SCEPTER® T&O herbicide enables you to control a broad spectrum of weeds, as well as your budget. A warm-season turf herbicide product armed with imazaquin, SCEPTER T&O delivers effective, reliable control of sedges and listed broadleaf weeds with dual modes of uptake through roots and leaves. When you want the most bang for your buck, wield the SCEPTER T&O.

SUREPYC® herbicide delivers a swift kick to the nutsedge—and other listed weeds like green kyllinga and broadleaf weeds. With active ingredient sulfentrazone, it can be applied to both cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. And with dual modes of uptake through roots and leaves, you’ll deliver a more effective strike every time.

Healthy Renovation Starts with Proper Preparation

BASAMID® G is the only granular soil fumigant on the market and it completely sterilizes soil and eliminates weeds, grasses, nematodes and soil diseases for a healthy and vigorous start for new turf. Not only does BASAMID G sterilize soil quickly, but it also allows for reseeding in as few as 8 days.

Pest Control

From locker rooms to pump houses and ponds to irrigation boxes, pests can ruin a good day on the course. When you have to control pests now, AMVAC has a variety of answers.

For proven control of annual bluegrass weevil and turf-parasitic nematodes—as well as listed ornamental pests— AVENSIS® is the answer. Armed with abamectin, a natural fermentation product, AVENSIS can be applied to golf course greens, tees and fairways. As a group 6 insecticide, it may be applied to all turfgrass species, cultivars and/or hybrids. Triumph over weevil and other stubborn pests with AVENSIS.

For labeled areas on golf courses, pests don’t have a chance near NUVAN® Prostrips® or NUVAN Directed Spray™ Aerosol . They are the only products containing DDVP available on golf courses. Use NUVAN ProStrips to protect electric junction boxes, irrigation control boxes, pump houses and other utility boxes from ants (including fire ants), spiders, wasps, hornets and other listed pests. For continuous control for up to four months with no odor or mess, simply place NUVAN Prostrips in an enclosed area and the continuous-release vapor controls flying and crawling pests. including flies, moths, roaches and more. For quick kill of labeled pests in the treatment area, you can rely on NUVAN Directed Spray Aerosol to get the job done. When used in combination, these two products provide effective and worry-free control—no ifs, ands, or bugs.

For ponds and other water features, SUMMIT™ B.t.i. Briquets are the fast-acting standard for control of mosquitoes in the larval stage. The product is a small circular cork matrix that floats on standing water. As the SUMMIT B.t.i. Briquet slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium that is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae but harmless to other living things, for instance, aquatic insects, fish and other aquatic life. SUMMIT B.t.i. Briquets can be used any place water collects and allows mosquitoes to breed and remain for periods of time.

SUMMIT™ B.t.i. Granules provide the same proven chemistry of SUMMIT™ B.t.i. Briquets—but in a granule that can be applied by air or ground. A highly selective biopesticide in a variety of habitats, SUMMIT B.t.i. Granules are spread over the surface of standing water where they’re eaten by mosquito larvae, killing them within 24 hours. For more residual, long-term control, use Summit B.t.i. Briquets after applying B.t.i. Granules.

When looking to protect trees, turf and ornamentals from a variety of insect pests, ORTHENE® Turf Tree & Ornamental Water Soluble Packets (WSP) is the product you can rely on. ORTHENE Turf Tree Ornamental WSP works effectively in two complementary ways: first, controlling insects on contact, then penetrating plant tissue for local systemic control. The convenient WSP formulation reduces handling, measuring and package-disposal hassles, letting you focus on the results.

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