It pays to use DryJect

“Our data shows that when we core aerate and topdress in early September we see about a $30,000 drop in revenue over the next two weeks. But when using DryJect® we have only one day of lost revenue. We estimate a $19,000 savings using DryJect over core aeration.”

– Justin N. Smith, GM, Olde Homestead Golf Club

Another daily fee course GM showed us how DryJect Aeration adds $7,500 to his bottom line. How?
Core aeration limits play and revenue for up to 10 days. But DryJect allows quality play the same day.

You can’t afford not to aerate with Dryject
Yes, DryJect Aeration is known at premier courses for the superb way it relieves compaction, amends soil and allows quality play the very next day.

DryJect is for your course too
Try replacing just one core aeration treatment with DryJect. Experience the speed, efficiency and affordable cost compared with the labor, and the lost or discounted rounds that come with core aeration.

Run your own numbers
Use the Revenue Recapture Calculator at DryJect.com/recapture. Or call your nearest DryJect Service Center. You’ll be surprised at how much DryJect saves you.

To calculate how DryJect can save you lost revenues, try our Revenue Recapture Calculator.


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